Style Guide

We will be using will be using APA style for this site.

Page Organization
Topic Headings may be descriptive, but editors should attempt a consistent organization to facilitate interaction between groups. The terms should be developed sufficiently.

Wikipedia's model of headings and subheadings should provide the model for the site. For instance, each article should include an opening paragraph that introduces a term and its context in the particular field of research. There should be a table of contents box with subcategories linking to different sections of the article.

All resources should be cited with in text citations according to APA style. Cited resources should be listed right after the article. Following that, a list of resources for further reading should be included.

Kinds of Pages
Pages containing the extended definitions of the terms should be the most detailed. New pages can be added as your group's work progresses and ideas about general principles become appearent. However, these linking pages should be more brief and general.

Each definition should conclude with a references subheading as well as a further reading subheading. For the short time that the class is working on this project, the wiki will be private and open only to class members. Links to off site sources may be warranted, but remember to privilege academic or peer reviewed resources for this assignment. Links to off site articles should only be listed in the top bar menu only (which can be edited as top) but not in the text.

Sources listed in under further reading should include an annotation at least two sentences in length, and, if available, a link to access the source.

Since there is no spell check for this program, it might be a good practice to draft most of your article in a word processing program before you post to the wiki.

All included quotations should be referenced and cited as in an APA style research paper.

Links to media should be included on a separate media page.

Need we mention that innappropriate activity by one member of a group will result in all members of that group loosing the grade for this assignment?

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

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