Self Deception

Virtually every aspect of the current philosophical discussion of self-deception is a matter of controversy including its definition and paradigmatic cases. We may say generally, however, that self-deception is the acquisition and maintenance of a belief (or, at least, the avowal of that belief) in the face of strong evidence to the contrary motivated by desires or emotions favoring the acquisition and retention of that belief. Beyond this, philosophers divide over whether this action is intentional or not, whether self-deceivers recognize the belief being acquired is unwarranted on the available evidence, whether self-deceivers are morally responsible for their self-deception, and whether self-deception is morally problematic (and if it is in what ways and under what circumstances). The discussion of self-deception and its associated puzzles gives us insight into the ways in which motivation affects belief acquisition and retention. And yet insofar as self-deception represents an obstacle to self-knowledge, which has potentially serious moral implications, self-deception is more than an interesting philosophical puzzle. It is a problem of particular concern for moral development, since self-deception can make us strangers to ourselves and blind to our own moral failings


In the category that effects the everyday man is the self deception that every prescription drug helps one get better and that they all help the body. Sadly this is not true, and slowly as our nation becomes more dependent on controlled substances it slowly deteriates our health by slowing down the capability of our livers and thus creating a back up in the rest of our bodies. In this circumstance the scientists did not and truly could not stop people from harming themselves. However these cases should not be allowed. Scientists should be aware of the side effects that can come about due to peoples curiosity and be able to prevent them from having the opprotunity to coming about substances they should not have.

For Example a normal Liver cell Looks as such


While one that has processed prescription drugs and controlled substances to a point has the image of


With these things being taught to students today it may prevent many deaths and illnesses. This proposed class will teach the students about the things that can happen when they are not aware of all effects. It will help increase the need and want for further research and will help them study more in depth what happens when certain things are being done.

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