Medical Research

Understanding Medical Research
The following page will provide a synthesized perspective of research across the healthcare spectrum._

Gene Therapy
The method of replacing dysfunctional genes with functional genes.
Lyme Disease
A severe bacterial infection
Anterior Cruciate Ligament
(ACL) Is one of the most important of four strong ligaments connecting the bones of the knee join. It is often injured.
A method of surgery in which robotic instrumentation is used to ensure that procedures are less invasive and may or may not involve the direct role of a surgeon during the surgery.

The problem under research is whether or not the use of new technology and robotics will help or hinder the patient’s path of recovery. Should the money be granted to begin this research, the newest technology in mechanics and robotics will be used in surgical procedures and in emergency situations to aid the physicians in healing the sick and injured. If the proposal is approved, new researchers will be hired to monitor and comment on the machinery used in the hospitals. The money provided will pay for the machines and also pay for the training that selected physicians and surgeons will undergo in order to be able to use the technology. The research will be done solely on those individuals who agree to be test patients for the new treatments and all treatment options will be offered to patients. This new research will further strengthen the argument of previous studies that show that the use of robotics and mechanical equipment will help the recovery time of patients and aid the physicians. The delicate surgical machines are less invasive, and require less recovery time than ordinary surgery. This does not mean that one day the need for physicians will be obsolete; when the machine breaks someone needs to fix it and be able to take over manually if needed. These machines will simply help the process. Medical Research Using New Technologies and Robotics This research will be conducted by Jessica McLaughlin, Katy Gaston, Casey Booth, Adrian Peebles.

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