Applied Research

Applied research is the investigation of phenomena to discover whether their properties are appropriate to a particular need or want, usually a human need or want. In contrast, basic research investigates phenomena without reference to particular needs and wants. Applied research is more closely associated with technology, engineering, invention, and development. Basic research is sometimes described as "pure research."

The way applied research works is scientist do research on a certain topic they may want to research on their want and not on what research they need. This basically goes along with ethics based on this fact of want over need. The need of one group of researchers is not a need for another group of researchers. For example research for clean drinking water, researchers in America would more likely want to research new military technology while researchers in a third world country might need to research better ways to have clean drinking water.


The ethics of applied research are based on those principles, want or need. Researchers might want to find out better ways to destroy missiles but there is no need for it.

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